Cookies For Dinner

Cookies For Dinner


Life can be stressful in a busy family when there are so many things to do and places to go! Cookies For Dinner reminds us of the importance of taking a breath and enjoying time with our children, even in those crazy moments. You can find Cookies for Dinner on sale now on Amazon.


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What People are saying about Cookies for dinner

"Cookies for dinner was definitely a great book to read to my daughter! I love reading her books at night as part of our routine. This book is a great reminder that sometimes you need to relax and take a breath and sometimes do things out of the norm. I also thought the illustrations were excellent!"

"What a cute book! Love the recipe that comes with it, and such a great reminder to take a step back and let them be little. They grow up so fast, let them have a cookie every once in a while for dinner."

"Great book for all busy and loving families! A great reminder for that no matter how hectic life may get, it’s important to have a little fun on the way. I also enjoyed the biracial family illustrations... a rare find."

"This book is too cute! We got it in the mail and my daughter wanted to read it over and over again. The story is entertaining and fun to read again and again. The illustrations are adorable! The author really hits a soft spot with parents. Cookies for Dinner is a beautiful reminder that in the thick of parenthood it's so important to enjoy the moment and love on your little ones and she's right... sometimes cookies for dinner is just what everyone needs! This book will definitely become a frequent read in our house, for the kids but also for us parents."

"My daughter loves this book ! She brings it over for me to read and when i say “the end” she signs “please” for me to read it again ! The book rhymes, and has great illustration and it also has a mixed family ! Love the idea and meaning behind the book. Reminds us to enjoy our children and to have fun with them in the midst of parenting."

"Loved this book so much and so did my kids!! We have a new snow day tradition! Cookies for dinner!!"

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About the Author


Holly Nichole Zarcone

Holly Nichole Zarcone is a baker turned writer. She lives in New York with her husband, three children, and very large Saint Bernard. She loves to go on adventures of all types with her family. She has had a voracious appetite for literature since she was a small child and it has been a lifelong dream to publish her own book.





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